Special Publications

We have an extensive list of Vug Hunter publications which highlight specific minerals in each state, for instance, "Copper Mines of Colorado" and "Coal Mines of Virginia".   As an example of these publications, Vug Hunter's Special Publications for the state of California are listed below.

A similar list exists for all other states. To find out about site locations for your favorite mineral in any particular state, just send us an email. to ask about VugHunter Special Publications. Please specify the mineral and the state you are interested in. The Vug Hunter will reply with the number of claim sites that match.

Vug Hunter's Special Publications

Mineral State Number of
Claim Sites
Order Number Price
Barite CA 187 VHS-CA-BARI  
Beryllium CA 17 VHS-CA-BERY  
Coal CA 59 VHS-CA-COAL  
Copper CA 2451 VHS-CA-COPP  
Feldspar CA 104 VHS-CA-FELD  
Fluorine CA 53 VHS-CA-FLUO  
Gold CA 14784 VHS-CA-GOLD  
Iron CA 485 VHS-CA-IRON  
Kyanite CA 13 VHS-CA-KYAN  
Lead CA 1046 VHS-CA-LEAD  
Lithium CA 11 VHS-CA-LITH  
Mercury CA 552 VHS-CA-MERC  
Mica CA 37 VHS-CA-MICA  
Nickel CA 74 VHS-CA-NICK  
Silicon CA 270 VHS-CA-SILI  
Silver CA 3365 VHS-CA-SILV  
Talc CA 184 VHS-CA-TALC  
Tin CA 46 VHS-CA-TIN  
Tungsten CA 863 VHS-CA-TUNG  
Zeolite CA 41 VHS-CA-ZEOL  

Similar reports for other states are available on request

Please add $1.75 for shipping and handling with each order.   Ask about price breaks for wholesale and quantity.   California residents please add 7.75% sales tax.

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