(Recipe passed down generation-to-generation)
       This is great for a holiday breakfast.

Boil what's left of a pork shoulder roast, until the meat is almost
 falling off the bone.  If you don't have a boney roast, simply use
 a good sized pork chop or two.
Add some chopped onion, salt, & pepper.
Remove pork from broth, but save the liquid.
Shred the pork into tiny pieces.  If the pieces are too large, cutting
 will be more difficult later.

Make corn meal mush.
Heat 4 cups of the pork broth to boiling.
Add 1 cup yellow cornmeal to 1 cup cold water.
Stir cornmeal into boiling broth slowly.
Stir in shredded pork.
Stir in about 1 to 2 tablespoons of sage.  If the sage is fresh, you
 need less than if the sage has been sitting in the pantry for 3 years.
Continue stirring the boiling mixture for about 10 minutes.
Rinse a baking dish (approx. 6" x 10") with water and quickly drain.
Pour mush into dish and let cool before covering and placing in
 refrigerator to gel.

Run knife blade around edge of dish.
Invert dish on cutting board and allow scrapple to release.
Cut scrapple into 3/8" to 1/2" thick slabs about 3" long using sharp knife.
Heat skillet(s) to frying temperature.
Fry in butter or margarine.  You'll need to add more as the frying
When bottom of scrapple is light to medium brown, turn over.  Time
 for more butter.
Place fried scrapple on plate.  Depending upon your taste, you may
 wish to lightly salt at this point.
Keep plate warm in oven while next batch is frying.  This is why I
 use 2 skillets!

Serve with side dish of applesauce.