Grandpa McCrimmon's Cranberry-Orange Salad
	(Revised as of Thanksgiving, 1987)

     1-1/2 pounds cranberries (2 12-oz. packages)
     2 Whole navel or Valencia oranges (omit seeds)

Grind the cranberries and oranges.  The cranberries will grind
better if they are frozen.

Add: Juice of 2 lemons.
     3 cups of sugar.
     3 packages (3 oz. each) lemon Jello, dissolved in 1-1/2
     cups boiling water.  This is half the amount of water
     called for on the box.

After mixing, stir in 3 cups of chopped walnut meats.

Pour into molds, shallow casseroles, or whatever.  Cover and
store in refrigerator until needed.