My personal favorite viewA nice shot from upstairs

Above is my Koi pond. I built it in October of 1999

and redesigned it in May of 2000

it contains Eight Koi, Two Shabunkins, Two 

Butterfly koi, 25 to 30 goldfish, 8 Tadpoles 

and various forms of pond life.

It is made from a flexible liner that is just over Eleven ' long 

& Five ' at its widest point. About 30" deep. 

Somewhat of a dog bone in shape

and holds approximately  650 gallons of water

The original webcam viewA fat white koi

I am always looking for ways to improve my pond, 

do you have any suggestions?

Or would like any advice on your own pond project?

Understand I'm not a professional nor do I claim to be an expert.

My fish & pond are however, doing quite well .

My Koi have more then doubled in size over the past year 

& all are very healthy.

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