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To skip this information click the banner above & go right to the still frame web cam.
The current refresh rate on the web cam page is every 10 seconds although a new image is uploaded every two minutes. This is so you do not have to wait the entire two minutes for a new image to load. Would you like to have the image refresh faster? If so please feel free to me with your opinion.

The web cam is live as of 9:oo A.M. Pacific time and will continue to reload the image until approximately 5:10 P.M. daily. I will adjust the time throughout the year as the day light hours dictate.
Live streaming video is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week-just click the steaming link!
If  you can catch me feeding my Koi, or anything else you find interesting, as in cats in the pond, koi trying to uproot my plants ect. Save the image & E-mail it back to me and I may add it to the image gallery page I'm working on. If you like, include your name and the date and time you captured the image and I'll credit you with the photo. P.M. feeding time is around 5:00 or so and through out the day on Sunday. If you need instructions on saving an image  CLICK HEAR !
You can only save images from the still frame web cam page not the streaming page!

As far as the still frame web cam page goes it is not necessary to refresh or reload the page. It will automatically refresh. If you would like to keep "surfing" click on the "Resizable image view" link or the image itself and that will launch a new window that you can resize and place in the corner of your browser so you do not have to wait on a new image and you can continue to surf the rest of the web.

Use your browsers "back" button to return to this page or the banner at the top of the web cam page to return to my home page. Remember to click the large banner at the top of this page to go right to the web cam. Nothing to download and it loads fast.