Well the worst thing that could happen-happened.
Over Memorial weekend (2000) I had a couple of hours to do some minor adjustments  to the edge of my pond But due to an unexpected  puncher in the flexible liner two feet below the water line my weekend and the week following were now planned.

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A big wet empty hole in the yardThe liner is in and filling with water

First and foremost what do you do when you have an unrepairable puncher nearly  two feet below the waterline ? 

Answer, you break out the sledgehammer and break the concrete skirt that surrounds the pond.
So you can install a new liner. As a plus it now has a black concrete skirt imbedded with river rock.

What do you do with nearly 500 gallons of water, that you will need to reuse?

You clean everything in the house that will hold water-I.E. recycling bins-trash cans etc.

I was going to use the bath tub but, I knew I was going to need at least one shower before this job was done. Not to mention the shower is upstairs and obviously the pond is down stairs.

Now on the plus side this little adventure did give me the opportunity to make some improvements to the pond in general. I was able to make some edge adjustments and extend the length from Nine feet to just over Eleven, increasing the depth about Six inches. which  all told increased the total water volume from about Five hundred to just over Seven hundred and  Fifty gallons , My fish seem to be more than happy with their new environment. I would like to add that I did not lose One fish, Tadpole or plant throughout this entire ordeal.

Here is a free tip, if you ever have to move large fish, be careful I was well aware that Koi don't like to be netted but, they will not tolerate a pail  without having their head gently covered -you chase them, get them in a pail, and without  preventing it they will shoot right out. 

You would be surprised by how far fish fly.

Every container that could hold waterDone & better then the one I started with!

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